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What to Do About Bunions

It is estimated that more than half the women in the United States have bunions. These bony bumps on the inside of your foot are unsightly, make it hard to find shoes that fit, and can become so painful that you have trouble walking normally. Do you have to regard bunions as an inevitable part of your life and resign yourself to living with the discomfort? The answer is no. Our experts have great news for you and your feet--there are many things you can do to arrest their development and alleviate the pain!

The Anatomy of a Bunion

A person’s foot structure or an injury may make them prone to developing this foot deformity. However, shoe choice can cause rapid progression. Take into consideration the way we cram our toes into tight, pointy shoes and heels. Toes in these types of footwear cannot spread out normally to give us balance and a good foundation. Even worse, when they are held in that position all day long, the position of the bones begins to alter. The tip of the big toe leans in toward the second toe, and the joint at the base has nowhere to go but to the side – thus forming the characteristic bump on the inside of your foot.

Treatments Are Available

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to new shoes. You can find many attractive styles in our medical specialty boutique shoe store that still allow room for your toes and don’t force all your weight onto the balls of your feet. You should be able to wiggle your toes in the shoe, and heels below 2-1/2” tall will distribute your weight more evenly over your foot.

You can also use home remedies to relieve any swelling or pain. We recommend icing the area for 10-20 minutes a few times a day. (Use a thin cloth between the ice and your foot.) We can also recommend the proper type of pain reliever for your particular situation. Sometimes just taking the weight off and putting your feet up can relieve the symptoms, and you can try gently massaging the area as well. Stretching your shoes and using bunion pads can also help.

Many people have found orthotics to provide significant relief from the pain of bunions. We can provide custom orthotics that are specifically designed for your foot structure, providing support and correcting your gait problems. Surgical treatments can also be used to realign the bones into their proper position. Full recovery time varies from patient to patient and is used as a last resort if conservative treatments do not allow you to function normally. The caring doctors at Country Foot Care are well versed in bunion correction and will guide you through the entire process should sugery be needed. However, this is used as a last resort if conservative treatments do not allow you to function normally.

At Country Foot Care, we believe in pampering our patient’s feet. Our podiatrists will take the time to fully understand what’s causing your foot problems and help you find the best way to treat them. Our boutique style locations in New York, are the best place to take your feet! Call (516) 741-FEET (3338) today, and take your first steps toward relief.

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